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Summer June 27 2015 S.E.Y.P. Launch



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                   Membership and Donation Special

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                                          for just $5.00

                            Expires Dec. 31 2015

For a one time introductory fee for one year, Yes you are reading it right, just     $ 5.00. This is no "Gimmick, Trick,  Con, Game or attempt to insult your intelligence. The reason why we are able to offer such a fee is because of the large demograpic area we are able to service. We offer:

                      **************Ages 5 through 80***************

(1). Cinematography / Film Instructions (2). Music Production  (3). Animation and Graphic Designs  (4). Hosted Television Programs  (5). Original and Traditional Film Productions (6).Theatre (7). Martial Arts  (8). Acting and Training activities (9). After School Programs ages 6 through 17 (10) Art Exhibitions (11). Daily News and Talk Show Programming (12). The Food & Garden Show (13). Live Concert Productions (14). Lighting Productions. ** Dance Club Entertainment for Teens and Adults, Local and Celebrity performances.

************** You are Limited to four enrolled activities***************

* Once you have fully completed any of the listed activities above, you will be eligible for employment with Far Rockaway Cultural Performance Arts. based on your choices ( Must be 16 years minimum)

Parents register your child for our current and all year long after school programs. Parents register "Today" for Our Summer Camp 2016. All of the above activity will be part of your child's Summer activities. We will also be offereing "Skate and Skateboard" lessons.

Register today by Mailing in your "Membership or Donation to our Central office :

                     Far Rockaway Cultural Performance Arts

                           227- 41 113th Drive Queens Village

                                         New York 11429


 Use the formate below to Register or Donate by mail, and remember.      any "Donation" of $5.00 dollars or more, automatically gives you "Membership Status" for one year,This offer Expires 12/2015

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Age ________ Sex_______ Inticate your four Choices_[___]____]____]___]

 Or once again use the online method as given at the top of this registration form.


                                              Phone Contacts :                                          
              Mr. Emery Jones  917 -687-5833              
The Beliefs of A People                                          Mr. Elijah White
                               The Love of A Community                                          718 - 813 - 5633


Call Us at (917) 687-5833

Developer / Creator

Emery C. Jones

       1977 - Mayor's Office of Service Coordination Certificate of Appreciation N.Y.C.

        1987 - Present*- Licensed New York City Teacher / Media Arts / Broadcast Productions/ Special Education

                                     2002- Present - *C.E.O. / A.D.H.A. Music Inc. /ecjfilms Global Media

*Sound Engineer / Analog and Digital Recording

  * Cinematographer/ Editor

* Writer / Producer

     *Vocal Trainer / Director /Singer

* Stage Designer

* Musician

   2002 - Present  / Producer - "ecjfilms Insprational Blend" Cable Broadcasting Time Warner Q.P.T.V.

                   2005- 16th Corso Internazio Dicanto Corale / Verona Italy ,Second Place for the United States

                                                2005 - Outstanding Choral Director Award / Verrona Italy

                                                           2007 - Cambridge Who's Who / Honors Edition

                 2007- Choral Festival Partiscipant Performer for the 50th Years of Freedom Ghana West Africa

                                 2012- UFT Teacher of the Year /Outstanding Career & Technical Teacher Award

                                                                    2013 Teacher Appreciation Award




                                    Education:  * The Arts Institute of Pittsburgh / Associates

                                                       * College of New Rochelle / Bachelor of Arts

                                                  * The City College / Master of Science in Education